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After 12 years online this site has closed down.

I founded this site in 2005 because of my huge passion for music as a guitarist (owner of 9 guitars), singer and hobby producer. After much thought on the music industry at the time and available web technology ideas were developed and MyMusicStream was born. The site was originally set up as community for fellow musicians, music lovers and the music industry in general. Back then in 2005 MyMusicStream became a "myspace alternative".

Over the years it evolved into a platform for over 20,000 amazing artists, and hundreds of thousands of fans. Unfortunately in an ever changing world of music it became time to move on.

What am I doing now? Drawing on my skills developed while running such a hugely technologically demanding platform, I now run a technology consulting and software development business. Please check out Venture Drake. I also have a few personal projects, including one in the digital art space called

Stay tuned, we may get the band back together one day for a new music project.... but for now thanks for the memories.

- Andrew Drake.